Love and Relationship


They say if you smell something enough you’ll lose the ability to smell it. Or if you have something in your life all the time you can easily take it for granted. God’s love is the same way, it’s unconditional and ever flowing so sometimes we don’t notice it. Let me show you some examples of how much God loves us. In Exodus it tells the story of how Moses freed the Israelite from Egypt. Every time Moses goes to see Pharoh the scripture states that the Lord hardened his heart so he would not let them go. So then you ask why is Pharaoh wrong if it’s GOD that hardened his heart? Well the truth to that scripture is that the Lord is taking the blame for Pharaoh’s mistake. When we do something wrong, and we realize it weighs us down and hurts us. The Lord is taking the bullet for Pharaoh, he’s saying “It’s my doing! I hardened his heart”. We see this again in Luke 23:34 when Jesus ask The Father to forgive those that crucified him.

Luke 23:34 Father forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing, And they cast lots dividing his garments upon themselves.

God forgave his crucifiers for their ignorance, even as they were dividing his belongings among themselves. Another example would be Mathew 10:37.

Mathew 10:37 If you love your father or your mother more than me, then you are not worthy of being mine.

At first this scripture might offend some, but that is because they haven’t realized the kind of love God has for us. Some of us may have it harder than others, depending on the amount of love our parents gave us. We have to understand that at the end of the day our loved ones are people too. They get mad, tired, sad, and weary. They can’t be there for you 24/7.  We however have God to love us at all times, as a father, mother, friend, or even lover. He’s there to guide us as a father, comfort us as a mother, and spend time with us as a friend. His love is unconditional, and his grace is amazing because he is never weary. That is why we love him, as our heavenly father, mother, friend more than anyone on earth. Just like how Jesus had Joseph as a father in heaven he still loved his father in heaven. He may show himself different to you than someone else, and that’s why everyone’s path with him is different and special, because he’s there specifically for you. I hope after you read this you’ll realize how much God loves us, and how our relationship with him varies from father to best friend.

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