Authority of Words

truthThe words of an author set the atmosphere, mood, and tone of his character’s life. They decide the characters beliefs, regrets, and joys. These words set themselves to manifest into the character himself. So do your words have power over you and your life. God in genesis spoke and manifested shape, his words held authority. So because you are made of his image and you are his child your words also hold authority through him. You must know that what you say shall manifest itself through faith. You then must remember to not covet since making covenants will bind you. When you are heart broken, and say you will never love again you have put yourself in binds. So when this happens you must use your words and cast it off in repentance. You must also not curse yourself, or other people but instead understand the power of your blessing. If you hear verbal abuse everyday by others or yourself you become bound by those words. When you hear you are stupid or ugly over a period of time you start to believe it is true. Those curses now have power over you, and your life. You must then instead rebuke those curses, and bless yourself. You are smart, you are beautiful, you are prosperous and fruitful. Let those blessings be heard and believed, and it shall manifest in your shape. Know that your words have power derived through god and do not use it to do harm to others or yourself. Remember too that your words hold authority over the enemy. Do not let the enemy condemn you with sin, because then their lies hold power over your life. Know that your sins are judged through grace, and that they are forgiven by God. So you must also learn to forgive yourself. Say out loud that you are forgiven, forgive yourself for the hurting yourself, and for hurting others. Through grace you shall learn to not sin, if you seek redemption from anything other than grace it is the sin of self-righteousness. Shape gives way to name, and name manifest into shape. Your tongue is a weapon against the enemy when wielding truth, but also a instigator when gasping lies.

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