Building Blocks of Wisdom

Image2+1=3 and Log 3 of 2 = 9

Both these equations are truths. However if tell a second grade boy, who has yet to learn fractions the second equation he would be puzzled. He may digest, memorize, and believe the statement, but never know the truth behind it. The equation then loses it’s meaning, it would no longer mean that 3 to the 2nd power equals nine, it would just be an assortment of letters and numbers that the child has memorized in a certain order. So then those of us that are able to understand, comprehend, and teach these truths have a responsibility to know when to reveal, and withhold them. I don’t mean to lie, or hide truth, I mean to know when to teach truths according to a person’s level or ability. Wisdom is accumulative, just like how a child cannot understand Log 3 of 2 = 9 until he or she has built up sufficient math skills, a person cannot comprehend certain things without being taught other things first. For those of us who are baby Christians, or who are nurturing baby Christians truth is a very important thing. It can help, impede or even stop the journey of a Christian altogether. I remember I was in a Men’s group once, and a young teacher new to the faith admitted to the group he was feeling guilty. He was feeling guilty because he held contempt against God, for allowing people to go to hell. A very knowledgeable man, but not very wise man told the teacher that it s their own fault for not following God. I know that this is a truth since, only an individual can decide themselves to follow God or not, and it is thus their own fault if they went to hell or not. I watched as people agreed with the explanation, and how the explanation crushed the teacher who now probably held even more contempt against God. His line of thinking was that if God truly loved those people, he would force himself into their lives and save them forcefully, and that him not forcing himself in meant he let those people go to hell. This is where truths become dangerous since they are perverted by misunderstanding, and twisted to lies. These lies, labeled as truths then derail people from a path with God. Knowing this I then preceded to talk to the young teacher about truths that will serve as building blocks to the before mentioned truth. I explained that if a slave wished to stay a slave even after presented with freedom, it isn’t right to force freedom onto them. Thinking you know whats best for them, or even knowing they might have a better life is only forcing an idea on that slave. He would still be a slave to the “freedom” that you forced on him. God does not want you to be a slave to him, but wants instead to have a relationship with you. He loved you to the point, of allowing your own freedom and then taking the blame when your own choices led you astray. Because of this logic he will still accept you, at your death bed after a life of sins and forgive you. The teacher seemed to understand a little bit more, and held less contempt towards God. I know that he may not fully understand the words I speak, since revelations must be made by his own experiences with God. (By the way this is also why Jesus taught through parables, since if he tried to explain they would only be heard and not understood. He used parables so people would figure out truths from their own experiences). Remember then that truths are accumulative, and that you must consider the building blocks that need to be taught or learned before you can truly realize a truth. My point in all of this is, remember the wisdom and responsibility of knowing when to withhold, and give truths.

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