“A man ask God why God never let him win the lottery. God then asked him why he never bought a lottery ticket” –  Math Teacher

My English teacher told the class that he wished us to be awesome now, not later. He said he wanted us to express our greatness here in the present and not in the unknown future of college. He talked about innovation, and opportunity, about making ourselves different, than the millions of other people taking the same classes, going to the same clubs, volunteering the same hours, and getting the same test scores. He talked about seizing the moment, and capitalizing it, about living to the fullest now, and not later. This advice seemed rather dubious, and strange to me at first. It made no impression, and as far as I was concerned it was just another lecture like the hundreds I’ve heard before. After all don’t we all strive for future greatness, don’t we all live life to attain our goals set in the future? Well it later dawned on me what he meant, or at least my revelation and interpretation of his words. Ever since we were brought into this world we depended on someone. As children we depended on our parents to provide and care for us, as young adults we depended on our peers to influence and guide us, as mothers and fathers we depend on our family to anchor us, as elders we depend on our children to care for us. Even if our parents could not provide enough for us, our peers not positively influence us, our families not anchor us, and our children not care for us we must capitalize on everything that we can. As kids we lived under our parent’s roof, and used what resources they had to bring us up. We used what food we could get, what clothes we could wear, and what education we were able to receive to grow and become better. So in the same way when we are trying to achieve greatness in the future, shouldn’t we also capitalize the present? We can’t bet on an unknown future, or at least to solidify our future we should set milestones now. So many of us are like travelers, that miss out on the sights, and the wonders of the road because were dreaming of the wonders of our destination. After all what builds us up and becomes our most memorable moments, are the unexpected experiences, and wisdom we learn in the process of reaching our goals not the end goal itself. So if our exploits now effect our exploits in the future, wouldn’t focusing on the now give us more wisdom and experiences to apply in the future? It’s like how a choose your own adventure book is fun, not because of the end quest but because of all the sights and mini-quest there are on the way. Sure saving a village from bandits may have nothing to do with finding the mystic sword of the high king. But it sure was fun, and made your life more eventful then walking straight to the mystic sword, and ignoring everything else that’s adventurous about your “adventure”. So live more more like an adventure book, and don’t be afraid to explore, and achieve now rather than in the future. Capitalize what God, or life gives you now, rather than keep asking him for something to do in the future. After all if you really wanted God to let you win a lottery ticket the least you can do is go out and buy a lottery ticket yourself.

What memories, or discoveries did you make unintentionally, from taking the journey not the tunnel? It’s always nice to share an optimistic point of view, even if your a pessimist!


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