The Act of Forgiveness


Forgiveness is an important thing, but it is also one of the most difficult things to do. To forgive requires you to love, and to love someone that has wronged you requires a lot of grace. What I struggle with is replaying things in my head. Especially when I do something wrong myself, I keep rethinking of the thing I did over and over and over. Every time I would put myself down, and my heart would sink. I would try to say repeatedly that my sins are forgiven through grace, but the thoughts would still swirl. I then start of thinking about all the things I could have done, and all the things I should have done, and it all just spirals downward. My mother, and brother had a similar problem as well but they held spite towards my father. He was never a good family man, and I guess you could say he broke their love and trust many times. What I realized is that even if you are forgiven by God, you also need to forgive yourself. When I did something wrong, I held spite against myself, and I guess you could say it was a form of self-righteousness. I wanted to punish myself, and atone through hurting myself. But that’s a perversion since righteousness, can only come from Jesus. I needed to learn to say, I forgive you, I forgive myself for the things I did wrong, and I realize that I’m human and I deserve forgiveness. My brother had to pray for healing, and for the grace to love our father again. He had to realize that dad was human and a child of God too. He learned to forgive, and saw God as his father figure instead. My mom said she learned to forgive him, because of us. She learned to forgive him through love. When you love someone, you also have to love the people that they love. So because she loved her children she was able to forgive their father. So when forgiving in any situation you need to forgive the other person for hurting you, yourself for hurting the other person, and you for hurting yourself. You need to realize that whatever mistake you made is only a small part in your life, and only a small bump in your road with God. You need to learn to forgive and love, and through that love forget, because love holds no list of past wrongs. But don’t always expect to be able to love everyone, and don’t hold it against yourself if it’s hard to forgive since only God can love and forgive all. In this life were all human, and not everyone can understand each other, so when someone hurts you just smile, don’t hold hatred against them. Smile, and hold your ground, and when your alone and you need to cry cry. God will be there to comfort you, and he will be your righteousness. Thats what turning the other cheek means, it doesn’t mean letting people step on you, but instead to not hold hatred and instead forgive, and let God take care of their punishment. Don’t  be sad that someone, wronged you or that you wronged someone else, instead take comfort that God would never wrong you, and you are always forgiven by God.


2 thoughts on “The Act of Forgiveness

  1. Very beautiful and honest way of writing. This can remind us that we are the key for everything since we are sparks of God and that we can only speak for ourselves.

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