Acknowledgment of Tragedy


A friend of mine recently died, in a car accident. I remember the day he got hit I was joking with my friends that he will come back in a month and joke about how he missed so many days of school. I even made plans with my friends to visit him in the hospital the following day, but had tor reschedule since he was in critical condition. Not a single one of us doubted the fact that we’d see him Monday, and he’d brag in his hospital bed about surviving a car accident. So you could imagine the shock of finding out that he died Friday morning. I remember thinking how could I walk and talk normally when someone I just saw a few days ago is gone. I started thinking about how I’d never be able to see him at school, or even talk to him anymore. Even now it doesn’t feel real that he died. Life keeps rolling on, and nothing has been stopped. Homework is still due, conversations are still had, and plans are still made even with him gone.

My mother told me it was God’s will, and that we can’t do anything about it. Even thinking that it didn’t make me feel any better, and I realized that’s ok. When sad things happen it’s natural to be sad, you shouldn’t be joyous or neutral. Not everyone will express their sadness the same way, emotions manifest in many different ways. A man recently told me, that when a tragedy happens the least we can do is stop and acknowledge it. Acknowledge that the tragedy is taking place, give the people that are suffering your prayers and thoughts, and then decide whether further action is needed to be taken. I feel like life today is filled with static, and that constant noise numbs us to important things that should affect us in life. The least we can do for those that we lost is pause and silence our busy lives to acknowledge what happened. Only from there can we move on and heal. From there we can keep walking from where we left off.


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