True Mercy



noun \ˈmər-sē\

: kind or forgiving treatment of someone who could be treated harshly : kindness or help given to people who are in a very bad or desperate situation

: a good or lucky fact or situation

This is the webster dictionary definition of mercy. To be kind and forgiving to someone that could be treated harshly. To be kind to someone in a hard situation. Most of us think of it as forgiving and sparring someone for doing something wrong. I know I have prayed for mercy for my dad, so the lord won’t punish him for his sins. As a son, friend, and brother I never want to see the people I love get hurt. So I pray for forgiveness and mercy when my loved ones do something wrong. However is this true mercy?

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Building Blocks of Wisdom

Image2+1=3 and Log 3 of 2 = 9

Both these equations are truths. However if tell a second grade boy, who has yet to learn fractions the second equation he would be puzzled. He may digest, memorize, and believe the statement, but never know the truth behind it. The equation then loses it’s meaning, it would no longer mean that 3 to the 2nd power equals nine, it would just be an assortment of letters and numbers that the child has memorized in a certain order. Continue reading